Warranty Information

Terms and conditions of limited warranty

1)  Scope of application
This abridgement of the Continental warranty adjustment policy refers to the latest  adjustment policy  issue  no.12/2013 which forms worldwide the basis  for the processing   of complaints in the tire division of Continental AG.


2)  Basis for warranty complaints
The provisions relevant to the rights of buyers in the event of warranty complaints are contained in the Conditions of Business of Continental AG and form the basis for the processing of complaints.


3)  Limitation   period   regarding    liability  claims/warranty
The limitation    period  for liability  complaints     regarding    a lack of conformity   with the sales   contract  for tires expires  two years  as from  the delivery   of the tires by the party  ordering  to the end customer   I consumer and in no case any later than 5 (five) years after production date. The liability for a lack
of conformity with  the sales contract does not cover tires re-treaded or repaired by someone other than Continental AG and/or tires on which the manufacturing lettering  is missing.


4)  Responsibilities I jurisdiction
Complaint  handling in  the markets can only be carried   out by customer service engineers or importers who are authorized,   by Customer Service Tires  (CS  Tires) according to Continental guidelines.


5) Compensation   arrangements
For the compensation  granted for a recognized complaint   currently depends on the measured degree of wear:  Pro-rata refund based on remaining  tread-depth and relative to the purchase price.


6) Assessment criteria
Complaints  are accepted only  if the result of analysis indicates that Continental AG is responsible for the non-conformity of the tire.


Deficiencies in performance or damages will always be  rejected,  on the other hand,  if

+ occurring as the result of the client's own negligence or as the result of external  causes,  such as, for example:
-  punctures,   impact ruptures,  cuts, mounting   damage/bead rupture,  repairs
+ resulting from normal  service,  such as, for example
- irregular wear,  rapid  wear
+ occurring  as a consequence of improper  treatment/lack of care,  such as
- driving  in  an underinflated condition and/or with excessive  load and/or badly adjusted
vehicle  geometry.


Walid Fares
Regional  Customer Service  Manager
Middle  East


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